About the Game

Nemesis is a turn based strategy game, in which you are leading a space ship federation. Your order is to dominate the solar system PX73s! The games mechanics allow different approaches in defeating the AI System. This results in strategic gameplay, which challenges the players decision-making.

The Player takes control over an evil empire. This Empire wants to create an artificial black hole and need the resource “Tenebrium” to do so. Unfortunately, this resource can only be harvested by destroying planets and usually there are inhabitants in the way.
So the player has to fight off the army of various planets, so that he can finally destroy the planet and harvest the precious Tenebrium.
If everything goes alright, the Empire will have enough Tenebrium to create the black hole.


The ships are the units that the player needed to compete in the game and the battles. They are also rewards for a fight, which the player can deny stronger struggles in the course of the game.

The attack order of the ships is sorted by an agilty value. Besides that they have health points, damage and unique skill combinations.

Every spaceship as a unique combination of skills, it can use in the fights. Besides a basic attack skill, every ship has two skills.
They have cooldown and the player can coose which one he wants to use, when it is the turn of the ship. By clicking the ship, then the skill and after that the target of the skill, the ability is set and activates on the ships turn.


Nemesis takes place in the fictional solar system PX73s.
There are many variations of planets in the solar system, which are all very unique. Every planet is recognizable by its colors and the belonging artwork, showing architecture and environment on the planet. Since the setting is very futuristic, the environment and buildings have realism with a reasonable amount of stylization and clear readable shapes.
The environment artworks are part of the encyclopedia, that is why they have a high detailed degree.

The planets represent level and thus enemies. There are 5 planets that are unlocked in a specific order. They differ in color and troop strength. An overview in the menu to display a part of the enemy units. They are also the battleground and can be viewed in the encyclopedia in detail.